Atlantikwall Hovedstaden

Guide Hovedstaden 

In Hovedstaden bunkers were mainly concentrated around the city of Kopenhagen. The area consisted of 1 Stützpunktgruppe, and several Naval batteries along the shores of Hovedstaden and on the island Bornholm […]

Atlantikwall Sjælland

Guide Sjælland

On the island Sjælland bunkers were mainly concentrated along the coasts, and mainly consisted of Naval batteries […]

Atlantkwall Syddanmark

Guide Syddanmark

In Syddanmark bunkers were mainly concentrated along the coastal region between the city of Esbjerg and Nymindegab. The area consisted of 5 Stützpunktgruppen and 1 Verteidigungsbereich […]

Atlantikwall Midtjylland

Guide Midtjylland

In Midtjylland bunkers were widely spread over the region, specially in and around Aarhus, Skanderborg, Søndervig and Thyborøn. The area consisted of 6 Stützpunktgruppen […]

Atlantikwall Nordjylland

Guide Nordjylland

Nordjylland is the region with the highest concentration of bunkers, build to defend Denmark important areas, and to seal off the Skagerrak strait between Denmark and Norway […]