Stützpunktgruppe Katwijk

Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen

Festung Hoek van Holland

Stützpunktgruppe Voorne

Stützpunktgruppe Goeree

Freie Küste


Zuid Holland

In Zuid Holland bunkers were mainly concentrated along the coast as well. The coastal area consisted of 4 Stützpunktgruppen and one Festung. In this region some interesting bunkers and obstacles still remain. In our opinion they are unique in Holland and in some cases, unique to the rest of Europe. These are the types V 143, V 149 and the Seyss-Inquartbunker in Scheveningen. Bunker village Staelduinse Bos in Hoek van Holland and the Biber/Wassermann complex on the island Voorne for example, are interesting as a whole, because the high concentration of bunkers. The landfront Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen and Festung Hoek van Holland also deserve special attention, because of the infantry strongpoints in combination with obstacles.

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