Stützpunktgruppe Aarhus

Stützpunktgruppe Skanderborg

Stützpunktgruppe Flugplatz Tirstrup

Stützpunktgruppe Söndervig

Stützpunktgruppe Flugfeld Rom

Stützpunktgruppe Oddesund

Stützpunktgruppe Tyberön

Freie Küste



In Midtjylland bunkers were mainly concentrated around the city of Aarhus, Silkeborg and the coast from Ringkobing in the South up to Tyberön in the North. It contains 7 Stützpunktgruppen, from which 2 of them are concentrated around airfields Rom and Tirstrup. In Aarhus and Silkeborg command posts for several German army units were build, one of them was for the Admiral Skagerrak tasked with the coastal defence of Denmark.

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