Stützpunktgruppe Skagen

Stützpunktgruppe Hirtshals

Verteidigungsbereich Frederikshavn

Stützpunktgruppe Lökken

Verteidigungsbereich Aalborg

Stützpunktgruppe Aggersund

Stützpunktgruppe Bulbjerg-Vust

Verteidigungsbereich Hansted

Stützpunktgruppe Thisted

Freie Küste



Nordjylland is the region with the highest concentration of bunkers, build to defend Denmark important areas, and to seal off the Skagerrak strait between Denmark and Norway. It contains as much as 6 Stützpunktgruppen, and the large number of 3 Verteidigungsbereiche.  The region holds many interesting sites such as Naval batteries, airfields and harbours. In our opinion Verteidigungsbereich Hansted deserves special attention because of the heavy batteries built within this defense area, in combination with infantry strongpoints and anti-aircraft batteries, all together packed in a rather small surface area.

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