Stützpunktgruppe Texel

Verteidigungsbereich Den Helder

Stützpunktgruppe Callantsoog

Stützpunktgruppe Petten

Stützpunktgruppe Schoorl

Stützpunktgruppe Castricum

Festung IJmuiden

Stützpunktgruppe Zandvoort

Freie Küste


Noord Holland

In Noord Holland bunkers were mainly concentrated along the coast. The coastal area consisted of 6 Stützpunktgruppen, one Verteidigungsbereich and one Festung. The region of Noord Holland holds some interesting bunkers and obstacles which are unique to Holland, and some, unique to the rest of Europe. In our opinion these are the types Fl 250 and M 219 in Den Helder, type 616 build in Den Helder, Schoorldam and Alkmaar, and the Schnellbootbunker in IJmuiden. Landfront IJmuiden and Zandvoort deserve special attention as well, because of the infantry strongpoints combined with obstacles.

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